Friday, December 20, 2013

Sciarc Fall 2013 Hernan Studio 
Agitating Romance - Jie Yang + Nila Liem 

Front Facade Render
Back Facade Render

Roof Render

Interior Render 1

Interior Render 2

Interior Render 3
Interior Render 4

Interior Render 5


The indifference of the digital realm has lead to a proliferation of
apathy or disregard to consequence. With little repercussions to

the whole or to the remnants of the whole; a blob cut and reformed
is a new blob, not two; but a baby cut in two is no longer indi fferent
but a travesty. That inability for the digital realm to understand the
repercussions of such an act is what creates a point of corruption.
Slicing and cutting is a primal urge to search, tear and find meat;
finding the tender parts of a mass, separation of a physical object,
or a portion of a physical object, into two or more portions. In the
digital we are no longer forced to slice through all the layers to
reach center, center is a whole in itself, isolated from the surrounding
layers. The digital removes the brutality of the act, but allows us
to expand on its e ffects, blurring the aesthetics of brutality. Scarring,
healing, scabbing, is no longer associated with digital cutting,
it is no longer a way of seeing the act, it becomes an act of exuberance
ornamentation, removing the act from its aggression. Leonardo
DaVinci discovered that through drawing and was able to
convey ideas before unheard of, prioritizing certain cuts, levels and
layers of the mass, creating a new method of exposure and revealing.
This project strives to bring the indi fference of the digital brutality,
slicing to locally reveal, globally conceal, and break mass. Keeping
a sense of the whole together. Bringing attention to the brutal act
of non-form, adhering mass cutting, using the idea or memory of
brutality, in order to corrupt the whole reading of the mass.
meet meat

captured meat side

captured meat back

captured meat side

inside meat

outside meat

cutting board interior

inside cut meat

inside cut meat

inside cut meat

inside cut meat

facade of captured meat

angled captured meat

biopsy chunk

meat interior slice

meat interior slice

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

 SCI-Arc Fall 2013 Hernan Studio
Carving Fiber 
Carlos Vargas Romero

Street View Render
Front Facade Render

Back Facade Render

Top View Section Render
Side View Section Render

Interior Render 1

Interior Pocket Render

Interior Render 2

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The form creation techniques used for the project were inspired by butchery meat carving and last but not least by the close study of Francis Bacon's techniques dealing with the notions of "athletic" flesh, imposition of fields, rhythm-spasm, mutation and animal "spirit".  

The role of the museum is to provide a didactic space where people will be able to really engage with their higher inner self through meditation and disconnect from the highly materialist and  anopheles reality. But since wisdom and knowledge require effort the museum is not aiming towards an "easy" engagement with the user. In order to enter the visitor has to ascend the artificial jungle-like back part. 

Since the Victorian style of spaces arrangement does not fit in the  "No sir or madam museum" circulation and ideology, the proposed spaces arrangement is the following:The top floors of the museum are functioning as Library and Lecture theater.The In between floors are exhibition spaces where a collection of nonconformist artifacts from local artists such as Banksy (graffity artist) and street artists are concentrated..The basement is the living space where kitchen and living "capsules" are located.